Consultation Workshops
       Building Dental Team
KYR is committed to building teams by offering workshops and seminars that are geared towards propelling dental practices, employees, and individuals in non-dental fields into successful positions.  Listed below are two sample workshops that have been held in the past.  
Safeguard Your Practice Against Fraud and Embezzlement
This workshop focuses on helping dental practice owners develop clear policies and procedures that will help to safeguard assets against employee fraud and embezzlement. 
Be Worth the Investment
Today's workplace requires an employee to not only be skilled and competent in the technical portions of their profession but also demonstrate a mastery in the areas of communication, leadership, and emotional intelligence.  This workshop focuses on developing the soft-skills as well as the technical skills that are required to advance you to the next level of your career. 
Coming Soon: SPRING 2011
Discovering the New You!
This workshop will focus on helping individuals deal with self-esteem issues that may prevent them from succeeding in life as well as on the job.  Through a variety of tips and ideas, we will help you develop skills for building positive self-esteem. 
*Please Note*
These workshops are offered to individuals both in and out of the dental field.
For more information about the upcoming Discovering the New You! workshop, please CLICK HERE.